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The Best Light Up Faux Fur Led Leg Warmer

Glow Rave white Fluffies Rainbow Flashing Sparkly Dance Hosiery Festival

Love them. Big hit at the raves and i get so many compliments. Just they really dirty at those types of things and i dont see any washing instructions so im just gonna wing it.

Buyer Review By Teresa Caro

I ordered this for an elaborate addition to my costume as Donna from Mamma Mia and it was wonderful! It added exactly the flare I was looking for to nail that flashy look to complement my sequins-filled get-up. You obviously have to add the batteries but they carried on lit throughout the entire night last weekend. I received an enormous amount of compliments on it and I am very pleased with my purchase. Definitely recommend!

Buyer Review by Melissa Mowery

  • Nice and twinkling sparkling rainbow leds
  • High quality faux fur fabric,soft fleece lining
  • Fit for party, cosplay,christmas, and any events
  • Unisex, both for men and women
  • not only for warm, but it’s perfect for parties. 100% polyester
  1. Love them but the batteries make them heavy. They are easy to clean without ruining the fur tho.

  2. This is the most fun item I’ve ever owned for Halloween. It was part of a unicorn costume. It lasted all night and everyone was amazed by it. Perfect for what I needed it.

  3. Everyone loves these. I’ve worn them on Halloween, when I dressed as a unicorn, and to a Christmas race. I got comments on them both times.

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